...the Soul of Africa...
And so, our South African breeding is well under way.

After 20 years in South Africa, 15 of which were spent with Rhodesian Ridgebacks,
I returned to my native Sweden in May 2002.
I brought with me my two dogs, Orangelad (known as Churchill),and the bitch Lionesque Clementine.
Just over 12 years later the move was reversed, and as of December 14th 2014, I am back in South Africa.
I brought with me Inanda Mellberg Otto JV of Ersted and Inanda Mellberg Shantih by Jukati.
My first litter was whelpd on Jauary 10, 2016, and was one of my best ever.
Inanda Mellberg Nimla by Bolt is staying with me, and now the future is brighter than ever.